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Pail Liners

We can offer two types of pail liner, our Form Inliner and Round Bottom Liner. Both liners can be adapted to suit the exact size of your container and in a range of materials.

Pail Liner

Form Inliner

Nittel Form Inliners are manufactured from a plastic sheet by heating and then drawing the material into shape. They fit seamlessly against the pail or drum and are the ideal liner for filling goods which are stirred or pumped, and when using follower plates. Nittel liners guarantee problem free extraction of residual filling goods. Hot filling at temperatures up to 120°C are possible

Download the product Information sheet here.

Click here for further information about our Form Inliners on the Nittel Group website.

Pail Liner

Round Bottom Liners

Nittel Round Bottom Liners are made up of a tube for the main body and a circular disk. Both parts are welded together using a liquid tight welding method. This technology provides a high level of tear resistance. The accurate fit of the liner reduces the formation of creases and pockets, which is often a problem with ordinary flat bags, and allows residual filling product to be removed almost completely.

Download the product information sheet here.

Click here for further information about our Round Bottom Liners on the Nittel Group website.

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