23 October 2018

NITTEL Form Inliner Two Part Pack

Featured image for NITTEL Form Inliner Two Part Pack

A question our Sales Team are often faced with is… Can we provide a solution to stop two components mixing whilst maintaining an effective way to store the product? The answer is ‘yes we can’, and using the example of an epoxy adhesive we’ve highlighted the solution.

Two Part Epoxy Adhesive is something many of us have used in our lifetime, but for those who are unsure on what it is, the substance consists of two systems, a resin and a hardener, that can be formulated to offer a wide range of mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical properties.

However, before the product can be stocked on the shelves, a difficult problem arises as to how manufactures can store the solution separated without the risk of the two components mixing.

The solution is the NITTEL Form Inliner Two Part Pack.

The NITTEL Form Inliner Two Part Pack
is designed to perfectly sit at the top of a pail providing another layer for a second component to be stored in the same container. This solution can be used where two components need to be separated, for example, to hold safety equipment or the MSDS to warn customers about safety procedures of the product.

The example of the two part adhesive is just one case study we have worked on for our valued customers. If you would like further information on this product please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team.