IBC Liner

NITTEL IBC Liners eliminate the requirement to clean the inside of an IBC.

IBC Liner

NITTEL IBC Liners guarantee that the interior of your IBC will be free from any contamination from previous use or detergent residue left from laundering. The liner provides a virgin surface for the IBC interior, an important concern where hygiene is paramount.

Steel IBCs: from 500 to 1000 litres
Plastic IBCs: from 500 to 1000 litres

Can be matched to all common IBCs, e.g. Schütz, Mauser or Werit.
Top fill, top empty.
Top fill, bottom empty.

Application Examples:
NITTEL IBC Liners for steel IBCs: Ideal for transportation of products which are filled or discharged in a potentially explosive atmosphere.
NITTEL IBC Liners for plastic IBCs: Ideal for transportation of products which require a high level of cleanliness of packaging, e.g. food or pharmaceutical products.

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Product information sheet

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NITTEL IBC Liner (Bottom Fill)
NITTEL IBC Liner (Top Fill with Cap)